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  1. Adding multiple datafiles to the primary database
  2. Understanding Dbvisit trace files
  3. Hostnames are case sensitive
  4. Error sending mail: RCPT TO: error (550 - Relaying denied)
  5. Compression statistics
  6. ORA-01031: insufficient privileges (Linux/Unix)
  7. ORA-00279 signalled during ...
  8. Concurrent backups
  9. Backup online redo logs?
  10. ORA-01547: warning...
  11. Automatic failover
  12. Dbvisit -r on standby
  13. dbvisit.hist file
  14. Datafile not deleted on standby database
  15. Tablespace automatically created on standby database
  16. Changing instance name while creating standby
  17. Dbvisit not applying log files
  18. Dbvisit only applies 1 log file at a time
  19. Updating configuration file (DDC)
  20. Command not found (Linux/Unix)
  21. Using IP address instead of FQN
  22. Dbvisit Return code = 460
  23. Cannot fork No such file or directory at PERL2EXE_STORAGE/Dbv_utilityUnix.pm line xxx
  24. Archive log processing
  25. Dbvisit Return code = 1611 (ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel)
  26. Dbvisit Return code = 100
  27. ERROR:ORA-00257: archiver error
  28. Alert log error: ORA-00279 signalled during:
  29. Querying Dbvisit transfer process
  30. Archive files remain uncompressed on standby
  31. Return code = 88. Standby Database is ahead of primary database
  32. Return code = 1124 file is in use or recovery
  33. Standby server disk configuration not the same as primary server
  34. Dbvisit versus Data Guard
  35. Dbvisit Return code = 838
  36. Redo Log Read Errors
  37. HELP: On Windows dbv_oraStartStop restart / swichover don't work
  38. Archive Log Compression Options and Reducing Network Traffic
  39. Different Database and Sid Names
  40. Disk System Hardware Issues and Dbvisit
  41. ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed
  42. Dbvisit resync (dbvisit -R) - Redo not found
  43. Update DDC File Command Post Failover
  44. Private strand flush not complete Message
  45. Error Putting Standby Database Into READONLY Mode
  46. ORA-19809: limit exceeded for recovery files
  47. DB_CONNECTION_MODE and Oracle Memory Management
  48. Manually adding datafiles to the standby (Return code=412 or Return code=410)
  49. Dbvisit still running after xx tries. MAX_TIMES_TRIED (x) exceeded.
  50. Problems Receiving Emails From Dbvisit
  51. Private strand flush not complete
  52. Unable to rename duplicate archive log file
  53. Audit_trail destination incompatible with database read-only mode
  54. Active Data Guard
  55. Resizing Undo tablespace
  56. Password expire error
  57. How long to open a large database in read-only mode
  58. Error code =1 -> ERROR: Can't create /tmp/p2xtmp-21596/Cwd.so
  59. Understanding Dbvisit failover processes
  60. Understanding how Dbvisit updates the standby database
  61. Delay time between primary and standby databases using Dbvisit
  62. DELTA Between Primary and Standby
  63. ORA-01276: Cannot add file OMF error
  64. Dbvisit taking a long time to run
  65. Temporary Tablespace is Empty Error: ORA-25153
  66. Question about primary database after activating the standby
  67. /tmp file system is full
  68. Turning heartbeat email off on standby
  69. Time taken to activate standby database (switch to primary/ master)
  70. Verifying integrity of transferred archive logs
  71. Dbvisit and corrupted redo logs
  72. Unknown database Return Code 85
  73. Problems connecting to standby database
  74. Logswitches and the CHECKPOINT setting
  75. Using ASM with Dbvisit on a standby server
  76. Using flash recovery area for archive logs on standby
  77. Unable to find archive logs due to NLS settings
  78. Dbvisit propagation/replication process details
  79. Not receiving the heartbeat/schedular email
  80. USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST warning message
  81. ORA-28002: the password will expire
  82. Applying logs generates 406 error with new standby database
  83. Dbvisit and READ-ONLY mode
  84. Compression options
  85. Understanding the INITIATE_DBVISIT_ON_STANDBY option
  86. Implications of disrupted Dbvisit processing on failover for a cluster
  87. Configure Dbvisit to send only missing log files with resynchronize
  88. Understanding the SYNCH_DBVISIT_INSTALL parameter
  89. Error when creating StandBy Database
  90. send dbvisit heartbeat mail to other emailadress
  91. ORA-26040: Data block was loaded using the NOLOGGING option
  92. ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed - Windows
  93. Return code = 751
  94. Archive_lag_target
  95. Problem opening standby database read-only
  96. RMAN-06580: the SETSIZE option cannot be used with AS COPY
  97. ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system
  98. unique constraint (DBVISIT.DBV_TRANSFER_LOG_PK) violated
  99. Problem stopping Standby database
  100. Dbvisit Return Codes
  101. Dbvisit Global Variable IGNORE_ARCH_HIST
  102. Standby server with dotted name
  103. Question about archive log list
  104. Some questions
  105. Dbvisit Repository questions
  106. Database corruption and the Dbvisit configuration details
  107. One Primary Database and two standby database
  108. Error in runnign dbvisit
  109. Can user always select from standby server?
  110. Stadn by arachive logs
  111. Return code = 918 Archive destination does not exist during graceful switchover
  112. Dbvisit return code = 243 - Unrecognised server ()
  113. lapsed time for Dbvisit
  114. I have the archivelog but don't apply. Return code = 833
  115. ASMCMD copy command not working during switchover
  116. Dbvisit Return Code = 328
  117. Dbvisit Standby return code = 5039
  118. DDC environment not set in dbv_post_processing.sh
  119. Return code = 2 and non-executable tmp directory
  120. SGA (buffer cache) update on Primary
  121. Create standby database from ASM
  122. How do we verify if Dbvisit is still scheduled to run on the primary server
  123. shell-init: error retrieving current directory
  124. ORA-01195 and ORA-01194 on Standby Database
  125. ASM and GRID_USER permissions issues
  126. Dbvisit Standby scheduling, checkpoints and log switching
  127. archdest, db_recovery_file_dest, RMAN ?
  128. replication across secondary network link ?
  129. Page not redirecting properly
  130. DBVisit Install - Failed to create user dbvisit
  131. Maintenance work on Standby Database
  132. ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcvadc.1]
  133. Failover and multiple standby databases
  134. Must db_name be part of the DDC file filename?
  135. Error when trying to upgrade to 6.0.14
  136. Failed to connect to SMTP
  137. Can the TM option of the CSD process utilise a tape drive?
  138. NLS Problems
  139. Ora-01110 error
  140. Switchover failure due to ASM & redo log files.
  141. exit
  142. Archive log file missing - How to Resync the standby database using RMAN incremental
  143. Return Code 6001
  144. High IO load when creating the standby database on RAC
  145. Standby database activation failed with ORA-01203: wrong incarnation of this file - w
  146. Unable to find log file after x times. MAX_TIMES_TRIED (x) exceeded
  147. Moving datafiles on the primary database
  148. SQL> ORA-16024: parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 cannot be parsed
  149. ORA-01186, ORA-01122, ORA-01110, ORA-01209 when opening standby as Read Only
  150. How does Dbvisit Standby handle network connection timeouts?
  151. Return code = 433
  152. File xxx in use or locked by another process. LOCK_MAX_TIME_SEC: Return code = 603
  153. Archive logging stopped
  154. Performance Issues or choke points
  156. "Archive Log Gap" and "Transfer Log Gap"
  157. Incarnation problem
  158. Create New Standby DB creation fails with Return code = 929
  159. RAC node (1 instance) to Dbvisit standby
  160. Do i need Perl?
  161. Dbvisit Database configuration (DDC) file not found, is empty or cannot be read
  162. Wrong thread in header
  163. Transfer speeds
  164. Rebuild standby database with error
  165. Getting "connected to an idle instance" when database is running
  166. DBVisit trace file size
  167. Add_datafile (ddc)
  168. Oracle Restart
  169. scheduler check/heartbeat emails at random times
  170. Clarification: Primary DB using ASM. Standby DB non-ASM
  171. DBVisit Standby and Replicate questions
  172. Perl problem? :s
  173. Back to recovery mode
  174. web interface hanging on Windows 2008 R2
  175. LOGDIR_DR permission issue
  176. Create Standby and db_file_name_convert parameter
  177. ora-01110 after activating standby DB right after graceful switchover
  178. Standby Creation Error
  179. ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed
  180. help needed: no such file or resource
  181. Standby database not in sync with Primary
  182. Scheduling on RAC
  183. Moving Standby Database
  184. Backup and restore tablespaces using RMAN in a Dbvisit environment
  185. reset "Synchronize Standby DB" GUI screen
  186. 12c CDB
  187. Distributed Transaction
  188. Oracle database service
  189. DBVisit Standby cannot see HTTPS listener on DR server
  190. Can I exclude a tablespace from being sent to DR?
  191. Synchronize new user account creations?
  192. Compress ratio
  193. RMAN backup taken on the standby site
  194. Error Creating new Standby Database after Failover
  195. Database binaries
  196. Meaning of max_times_tried and transfer_retries parameters
  197. Error during Switchover
  198. Missing redo log files on standby.
  199. Reporting capabilities of centralized console?