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05-19-2011, 10:04 PM

Does anyone has experience using Dbvisit Standby Database (version 5.3.06) with this configurations:
-Oracle 11gR2 with ASM
-Oracle 11gR2 without ASM

On primary, ASM and Oracle are installed using different user (grid and oracle) and dbvisit_setup is executed with oracle user. The problem arise when creating standby database with error below:

Transferring +DATA/idmdb/datafile/system.256.751554043 to /usr/tmp/system.256.751554043 ...
201105191517 - Database +ASM may be down on idmdbdc. Please check +ASM is the
correct ASM instance, else please contact Dbvisit support.
Dbvisit terminated.
Return code = 9002

Any help or clues would be very help.

Thank you
Tommy L

Mike Donovan
05-20-2011, 11:13 AM
Hello Tommy,

The user that runs Dbvisit needs to have execute permissions on the executables under the "grid" user's ORACLE_HOME, such as ASMCMD and also SqlPlus (for use by the create standby database process (CSD) to log to the ASM instance).

We are aware of this issue presented by the Oracle owner/grid user role separation, and of the fact that the "normal" Oracle user does not have right privileges by default. However we do advise changing permissions as we have outlined, even though this is not an Oracle default recommendation.

Alternatively we have heard of instances of people running Dbvisit as the "grid" user on both servers with the "grid" user obviously applying the logs - and this process seems to work. However recovery would probably require ownership changes on files.