View Full Version : Flashback Database and Graceful Switchover

12-05-2011, 10:05 AM
We are using Oracle with DBVisit, and are looking to establish our second standby database to aid with a cutover to a new server.

Currently we have dbvisit configured and working between the primary (A) and the secondary (B). Upon implementing our second standby database (C) we will be synching between A -> B and A-> C.

For the Cutover, we are wanting to perform a graceful switch over from A to C using the following plan:

Ensure A,B,C all are at the same SCN
Stop all DBVisit Scheduled jobs
Perform a shutdown on Standby database B
Create a guaranteed restore point on Primary Database A
Perform a Graceful Switchover from A to C (now C is the Primary, A Standby )
Copy the DDC file from Standby B to Primary C and edit the SOURCE variable to reflect we are now running on Primary Database C
Cutover Application to Primary Database C
Restart all DBVisit Scheduled jobs

As a back out plan (ie C doesn't work), then the plan is to:

Flashback Primary Database A to the guaranteed restore point
Startup Standby Database B
Restart DBVisit Sync between primary A and secondary B

We understand that this will leave C in a state of requiring to be rebuilt.

Now the question is:

The manual (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/backup.112/e10642/flashdb.htm#CFHFIBGH) states that one of the limitations of Flashback database is:
If the database control file is restored from backup or re-created, all accumulated flashback log information is discarded. You cannot use FLASHBACK DATABASE to return to a point in time before the restore or re-creation of a control file.

When performing the initial Graceful Switchover from A to C... will it leave the database control file in such a state that FLASHBACK DATABASE back to the guaranteed restore point can still be used?