View Full Version : Error code =1 -> ERROR: Can't create /tmp/p2xtmp-21596/Cwd.so

Mike Donovan
02-11-2009, 06:40 AM
I have a problem on all my databases with Dbvisit running...The problem started when the standby machine ran out of hard disk space to restore the archives. The error I am getting is this:
Error code =1 -> ERROR: Can't create /tmp/p2xtmp-21596/Cwd.so

How can I resolve this issue?

As part of Dbvisit processing temporary library files (.so) are created in the /tmp directory.

In terms of resolving this error check whether there is space in available /tmp. If there is not enough space in /tmp then this error may occur. So the first thing to do is to make space available in /tmp.

Secondly, if temporary library files (eg: /tmp/p2xtgmp-21596/Cwd.so) already exist they can be removed. In fact you can delete all /tmp/p2x* files and directories.

Thirdly, ensure that /tmp is read-write and not read-only. It is especially important to check this after system crash or failure.