View Full Version : Question about primary database after activating the standby

Mike Donovan
04-09-2009, 08:33 AM
How is the primary database affected when I execute "dbv_oraStartStop activate oracle_db" on the standby database?
After this command, can I use the old primary database standalone? İs the old primary still available and usable?

The primary database is not affected in any way when you execute "dbv_oraStartStop activate oracle_db" on the standby database.

After executing this command on the standby database, you end up with 2 primary databases that are now completely independent from each other. The old primary database is usable and available just as the new primary database is.

After activation of the standby database, most companies decide to remove the old primary database and build a new standby database (from the new primary database), when the primary server becomes available again after the disaster.

With Dbvisit version 5.2 the standby database can be automatically created. After creation of the new standby database, Dbvisit is used to keep it up to date with the new primary database to ensure disaster recovery.