View Full Version : Graceful switchover example scenario

Mike Donovan
05-12-2009, 08:37 AM
Will the following scenario work with Graceful Switchover?
Let's say that the Primary server is being patched, and so Graceful Switchover is initiated to standby node allowing all clients to write to the standby database - with the primary server to be restarted after patching.

If I understood Graceful Switchover correctly then the standby database becomes the primary, and the primary database becomes the standby. If that is the case then will the standby database automatically become READ WRITE on initiation of the switchover? Does it also mean that since the primary server is already changed to READ ONLY the logs to old primary can be submitted after role reversal back to original primary?

Yes you are correct. In this scenario you can use Graceful Switchover. The standby database becomes the primary database and the primary database becomes the standby database.

After the outage you can run Graceful Switchover again to reverse the process back to the original configuration.

Graceful switchover can be automated with the following command run both on the primary and standby servers:
dbv_oraStartStop switchover oracle_db <key>

Where <key> is a unique number like 123 or 3456 or 647365. The only thing is that it <key> sequence must not have been used before.