View Full Version : Time taken to activate standby database (switch to primary/ master)

Mike Donovan
05-14-2009, 08:38 AM
The Dbvisit promotional material says that a standby can ‘instantly’ be switched to the master role with one simple command. How ‘instantly’ is this in practice? With DataGuard we’re looking at 5-10 minutes to switch a standby to a master.

Dbvisit works the same way as Data Guard in this respect and the speed to switch a standby to master depends on the following:
i) Size and number of redo logs
ii) The speed of the disks

The reason is that when the standby database is activated to become a primary database, Oracle has to create the redo logs for the new primary database. So the more, and the bigger the redo logs, the longer it takes.

So in your case, Dbvisit would also take 5-10 minutes to switch a standby to master.