View Full Version : Configure Dbvisit to send only missing log files with resynchronize

Mike Donovan
02-17-2010, 12:46 PM
Is there a way to configure Dbvisit such that during resynchronize (the -R option) it does not transfer all logs (from the last applied till the current one) but transfer only the ones that are missing?

This is currently not possible, and no such configuration option currently exists within Dbvisit. However it is possible to manually control this process.

If you run dbvisit -R then it will send from the last sequence of the standby to the current sequence of the primary. For example, if the standby is at sequence 50 and the primary is at sequence 60 then dbvisit -R will send sequence:
50,51,52 -> 60.

So, say for instance that sequence 50 is missing on the standby, but 51 to 60 are there. You can run dbvisit -R to start sending sequence 50. Once sequence 50 has been transferred you can cancel Dbvisit with ctrl-c. Then you run Dbvisit again with the -r command to state which is the next sequence to run:
dbvisit -r 61

This will transfer sequence 61 and also updates the Dbvisit repository to say that 61 is the last sequence that was sent. So the next time Dbvisit runs, it will start from sequence 62.