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Old 01-20-2008, 09:09 AM
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Default Dbvisit 5.1.19 released

New features:

1) Automatic trace file management. Trace files will be deleted according to
new Dbvisit Database Configuration (DDC) settings
Default settings are:
Least restrictive setting applies between DAYS_TO_KEEP_TRACE
and NUM_TRACE_TO_KEEP. To turn off, set to 0.

2) Graceful switchover - If standby database redo log name format is in
OMF format and primary database is non OMF format, then use primary
database name redo format.

3) AMM processing now ignores the following directories:
lost+found,onlinelog,backupset,autobackup,backuppi ece,flashbacklog,

4) Added variable INITIATE_DBVISIT_ON_STANDBY. Default = No.
Setting this to Yes will initiate Dbvisit on the standby server as the
last step of running Dbvisit on the primary server.
Setting this to Yes, will mean Dbvisit should no longer be scheduled on
the standby server (as it is now initiated from the primary server).
Dbvisit will no longer function as two independent processes with
independent alerting and a new strategy must be in place to ensure that
notification is received in case of a failure.
It is therefore recommended to set ARCHIVE_LOG_GAP_THRESHOLD and to
schedule the Dbvisit archive log gap report (dbvisit -i) on the
primary to alert if the standby database gets too far behind the
primary database.

5) Added variable ARCHIVE_LOG_GAP_THRESHOLD. Default = 0.
Dbvisit will alert if the archive log gap from the Dbvisit archive log
gap report (dbvisit -i) exceeds this value (ARCHIVE_LOG_GAP_THRESHOLD).
To turn off alerting, set ARCHIVE_LOG_GAP_THRESHOLD to 0.

6) Added variable SEND_LOG_GAP_WITH_HEARTBEAT. Default = No.
Determines if the Dbvisit archive log gap report will be included in the
daily heartbeat email.

7) Unix/Linux only. Add initial network setup test. If remote shell method,
or network is not configured correctly, Dbvisit will provide more
detailed error message.

1) Graceful Switchover processing fix with more than 9 redo log groups.
Controlfile was not created correctly.

2) Allow for ORACLE_SID length > 9 characters.

3) For some terminal types the enter key had to be pressed before Dbvisit
displayed more license information when updating the license.

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