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Old 09-01-2008, 08:23 PM
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Default Dbvisit 5.1.25 released

New features:
  1. Add dbv_function -Q to replace current standby controfiles on standby database with new standby controlfile from primary database.
  2. Add graceful switchover check to ensure redo log numbers are the same between primary and standby databases.
  3. Add variable ALERT_IF_STDBY_READ_ONLY. This determines whether to alert or not if Dbvisit is run on the standby server and standby database is in READ ONLY mode.
  1. Allow for Oracle feedback in German to be interpreted correctly.
  2. Correctly interpret ORA-01115 error (IO error reading block from file).
  3. Fix for RAC TAKEOVER_SID, destination host not correctly obtained in some circumstances.
  4. Fix for graceful switchover when data files are in ASM but redo files are not. Dbvisit would incorrectly error that redo files are in ASM.
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