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Old 09-18-2008, 06:13 AM
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Default Testing Dbvisit Standby functionality

To test the Dbvisit Standby functionality, the following test can be done:
- In these examples, the database name will be orcl.
- The primary database commands are executed on the primary server.
- The standby database commands are executed on the standby server.
  1. Run Dbvisit Standby manually a few times on the standby database:
    dbvisit orcl
    It will say that there are no more archives to apply. Run Dbvisit Standby until it reaches the MAX_TIMES_TRIED threshold and it should send an alert.
  2. Shut down the network interface between the 2 servers while Dbvisit Standby is transferring the archive log files. Once the network is restored, Dbvisit Standby should resend the archive log files and the standby database should be brought up to date.
  3. Run the archive log gap report on the primary server:
    dbvisit –i orcl
    This will give you the archive log gap and the transfer log gap information.
  4. Open the standby database in READ-ONLY mode:
    dbv_oraStartStop open orcl
  5. Restart the standby database in normal recovery mode:
    dbv_oraStartStop restart orcl
  6. Restart the primary database:
    dbv_oraStartStop restart orcl
  7. Check the status of the standby database:
    dbv_oraStartStop status orcl
  8. Resend a particular sequence from the primary database:
    dbvisit -r 345 orcl
  9. Tests the resynchronization with the standby database (For example after the standby database has been rebuilt):
    dbvisit -R orcl
  10. Add a datafile or tablespace to the primary database and verify that it has been added to the standby database after Dbvisit Standby has been run on both primary and standby databases.
  11. Tests the Graceful Switchover and transition the standby database to a primary database and transition the primary database to a standby database:
    dbv_oraStartStop switchover orcl
  12. Add new data to the primary database and ensure that this data also exists in the standby database. You will need to open the standby database in READ-ONLY mode to be able to select the data:
    dbv_oraStartStop open orcl
    Will open the standby database in READ-ONLY mode.
    dbv_oraStartStop restart orcl
    Will restart the standby database in normal recovery mode where it can accept the updates.

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