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Old 05-02-2011, 02:22 PM
Arjen Visser Arjen Visser is offline
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Default Dbvisit 5.3.12 released

5.3.12 (2 May 2011)

New features:
  1. Automatically run Dbvisit archive log gap (dbvisit -i) when Dbvisit is run on the primary server. Can be turned off with variable RUN_INSPECT.
  2. Remove temporary Dbvisit files and closing shared database session after creation of standby database.
  3. Archive management log name can now be set in DDC file with ARCHSOURCE_LOG and ARCHDEST_LOG. If not set then default value is _arch_management.log
  4. Global RECOVERY_PARALLELISM introduced to control parallelism for database recovery.

  1. Misleading message regarding the DDC file name when BINDIR set to wrong location - fixed.
  2. Extra comma removed from an sql query to obtain DDR version.
  3. Dbvisit errors when the last non archived sequence cannot be obtained from data dictionary on the primary - fixed by setting sequence as max archived sequence +1.
  4. Improved locking introduced to control locking when previous version of dbvisit executable is still running.
  5. Do not send log gap report when TRANSFER_LOG table empty or with -R option - this disables copying installation to the standby.
  6. Global RECOVER_NOPARALLEL11 made redundant and removed.
  7. A query to obtain log_archive_dest for Oracle 8/9 changed to accommodate various values that optimizer_mode can be set to.
  8. Global variables related to a server role (primary or standby) rather than a server name, are now not reversed after Graceful Switchover (GS).
  9. Dbvisit does not handle creating standby database with filesystem OMF files using transportable media - fixed. Now uses RMAN COPY command instead of operating system COPY command.
  10. Bug with with managing trace file. Managing archives and traces should be separate and should not interfere or be dependent upon each other - fixed.

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