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Old 05-17-2012, 12:21 PM
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Default How does Dbvisit Standby handle network connection timeouts?

If a network crashes (times out) while the Primary Database server is shipping archivelog files to the Standby Database server what will happen? Do I have to set a timeout in the DDC file? Or is this done in the ssh configuration?

If, for any reason, there is any network interruption Dbvisit Standby will attempt to re-transfer the logs on its next run automatically, without any intervention on the part of the DBA. Thresholds can be set so that you can specify how many time Dbvisit should re-transfer a log before notifications should be sent.

The key parameter to set in your DDC file is TRANSFER_RETRIES, which we explain in the following:

Determines the number of retries when the checksum of the transferred log file does not match the original file. When the checksum does not match, the file will be transferred again. If the checksum does not match after TRANSFER_RETRIES attempts, an alert will be raised.
Default value: 2

Furthermore, network timeouts are actually set by the SSH configuration. So Dbvisit Standby relies on the SSH configuration to get the timeout signal back when the transfer was not completed successful. As soon as this is received, then Dbvisit Standby will attempt the transfer again. The important settings as far as Dbvisit Standby is concerned are:
TRANSFER_RETRIES wich was highlighted above.

RETRIES_WAIT_IN_SEC - Wait in seconds before a retry attempt of TRANSFER_RETRIES. By default this is 5 seconds.
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