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Old 05-29-2012, 02:25 PM
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Default Dbvisit Standby 6.0.30 released

New Features:
  1. Skip unexpected SSH output up to the string specified by SSH_SKIP_OUTPUT.
  2. Created index on DBV_TRANSFER_LOG for performance.
  3. Added support for management of archive log files in ASM.
  4. Improved management of archive log files when using multiple standby databases.
  5. Improved feedback for entering Oracle password.
  6. Improved new database setup through Web interface.
  7. Singled out database selection on Setup > New page.
  8. New option to edit the SSH port number on Setup > New page.
  9. Cosmetic web interface updates (smaller font size, new header layout).
  10. New menu item "About" added to Dbvserver main menu.
  11. Improved Create Standby Database (CSD) prerequisite checks.

  1. Exclude READONLY tablespaces in hot backup mode during creation of standby database using direct copy.
  2. Improved Dbvserver stability (error handling and debugging information).
  3. Improved reverse templates for creating standby database (CSD) following a graceful switchover.
  4. Improved Dbvserver SQL*Plus shell security.
  5. Fix index creation during repository upgrade process.
  6. Fix erroneous redirect in Dbvserver reporting page.
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