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Old 07-25-2012, 10:30 PM
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Default Dbvisit Standby 6.0.34 released

6.0.34 - (25 July 2012)

New Features:
  1. New "Synchronize Standby Database" Option (Recover or Update Standby Database using Incremental RMAN Backups). This new feature is only available from the Command Line (CLI) using option 8 under "dbvisit_setup". The GUI version will be available in the next release.
  2. Online refresh of one Datafile on the standby database from the primary using one of the dbv_functions new advance features options.
  3. Adding improved RMAN integration and catering for default configuration. Clients can modify the default rman configuration without affecting Dbvisit Standby functionality.
  4. Extend the create directory option in Create Standby Database (CSD) to include ASM directory structures.
  5. Improved support for Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  6. Add new "Advanced Functions" section when using dbv_functions.
  7. Pass full executable path as a parameter to the HOSTNAME_CMD script.

  1. Fixed memory leak in Dbvserver scheduler.
  2. Fixed Dbvserver use of HOSTNAME_CMD variable when using the "run interactive" option.
  3. Fixed issue with Archive Management Module (AMM) when using Oracle 9i.
  4. Fixed minor issue with restore of controlfiles when using Oracle 8.
  5. Adjust INSTANCE_CLAUSE_FOR_ARCHIVE_LOG_CURRENT to default value of "Y".
  6. Improved Create Standby Database (CSD) prerequisite checks to ensure none of the primary database files requires recovery.
  7. Fixed minor issue when using password file (database authentication is used).
  8. Improved handling of default archive log destinations.
  9. Improved internal handling of adding and removing of datafiles.
  10. Allow for ZIP_EXTENSION not to include a leading dot (both "gz" and ".gz" valid now).
  11. Prevented the root user from starting the dbvserver daemon.
  12. Corrected the primary or standby node detection on the Logging page.
  13. Optimised multi-level directory creation.
  14. Enhanced general logging.

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