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Old 10-27-2009, 03:23 PM
Mike Donovan Mike Donovan is offline
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Default Dbvisit Standby update the RMAN catalog in AMM

The suggestion:
It would be nice would be to have Dbvisit Standby update the Oracle catalog to indicate that the log files have been deleted if/when Dbvisit Standby's AMM removes archived redo log files from the primary database host.

And when I say catalog I mean the Oracle data dictionary whether you are using a RMAN catalog or just keeping track of backups through the control file. Right now if the AMM module deletes an archived redo log file from the source as far as Oracle is concerned the file is still there and is still taking up space in the flash recovery area (if that is being used). Right now we have to periodically run RMAN to have it look for expired (i.e. deleted) archived redo logs and have RMAN delete them from the catalog.

I'm not sure if it would be possible to have Dbvisit Standby invoke RMAN in this way as part of configuration but it would be a nice feature to help keep things running smoothly when using the AMM module.

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