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Old 04-03-2008, 10:15 PM
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Default Dbvisit 5.1.21 released

5.1.21 (2 April 2008)
New features:
  1. Improve error message when an incorrect tablespace is chosen during installation.
  2. Do not error when Oracle gives warning message: "Error accessing PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE", unless ALERT_ON_WARNING = Yes. Default is ALERT_ON_WARNING = No.
  3. Dbvisit log files (dbvisit.hist and arch_management.log) are now managed according to LOG_FILE_ROTATE_MAX (default is 5) and LOG_FILE_SIZE_MAX_MB (default is 5MB) settings.
  4. Use SHA-1 digest algorithm as default for checksum calculation.
  1. Correctly interpret ORA-01122 error.
  2. Fix message: undefined call to apa_add_datafile.
  3. Fix graceful switchover issue when ORACLE_SID on the standby database is different to ORACLE_SID on the primary server.
  4. Fix applying one log file at a time for RAC standby database.

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