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Old 10-31-2008, 06:56 AM
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Default Problems Receiving Emails From Dbvisit


Not receiving emails from Dbvisit, even though it can be seen from the trace files that the mail was sent ok - as below:

20081027 03:38:54 main::cmn_dbvisit_mail_client-> From: oracle@server2.com
20081027 03:38:54 main::cmn_dbvisit_mail_client-> Mail sent OK.
20081027 03:38:54 main::cmn_dbvisit_mail_client-> Mail::Sendmail::log=Mail::Sendmail v. 0.79 - Mon Oct 27 15:38:54 2008


One reason that the emails may not be arriving is because the MAILCFG_FROM and MAILCFG_FROM_DR settings are not using proper domain names - for example:

To prevent spam, your email server may be checking that these domain names exist, and if they do not then the emails are not sent.

You can verify this by changing the MAILCFG to:
MAILCFG_FROM= server2@gmail.com
MAILCFG_FROM_DR= server1@gmail.com

Gmail.com is a proper domain name and should now be let through.

You can run the following command to test the email functionality:
dbv_functions –m <database>

If this sends an email, then the underlying email system and configuration is working.
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