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Old 04-01-2008, 10:07 AM
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Default ASM filesystem (error 709)

If Dbvisit Standby errors with return code 709:

200803281046 - Directory /u02/oraarch/DB1 does not exist on db1.com. This directory must
exist for use with ASM filesystem. Please create directory on db1.com
Dbvisit Standby terminated.
Return code = 709

For use with ASM, Dbvisit Standby must use a local temporary directory to extract the archive logs out of ASM before transferring them to the standby server.

Please create a local (non NFS) directory as specified.

This directory must also exist on the standby server because that is where the archive files will be transferred to on the standby server.

Both these directories are specified by the setting:

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