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Old 08-16-2010, 11:28 AM
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Default Dbvisit 5.3.02 released

With Dbvisit 5.3 we have added a feature called Transportable Media (TM) which allows for the creation of very large standby databases. Transportable Media is a removable storage device (such as a USB disk) which is first plugged into the primary server. Dbvisit will create a backup of the primary database onto the local Transportable Media device. The Transportable Media device is then manually taken to the standby or secondary site and plugged into the standby server. The Dbvisit Create Standby Database wizard will continue the operation of completing the creation the standby database on the standby server. This is a very efficient way of creating the standby database without utilizing the network. Once the standby database is created, Dbvisit can be activated to keep the standby database up to date.

We have also added Templates to the Dbvisit Create Standby Database wizard to make the disaster recovery process simpler, faster and more convenient for DBAs. Templates store all the settings to create the standby database which means that a new standby database can be easily recreated at any stage, even after a disaster.

For the complete list of new features:
New features:
  1. ASM support. The standby database can now be created in ASM as well, Oracle’s proprietary file system format. This completes the types of standby databases that can be created with Dbvisit.
  2. Templates. To make the disaster recovery process simpler, faster and more convenient for DBAs the Dbvisit standby database creation wizard now includes the option to create a template. This template stores all the information on how the standby database was created. When the standby database needs to be recreated, for example after a failover situation, this template can be used for fast and simple recreation.
  3. Transportable Media support. Some databases are too large to transfer across the network. Now the Dbvisit standby database creation process includes an option to interface with a local removable disk. This disk can then be manually transported to the remote site where the creation of the standby database can be restarted and completed.
  4. Ability to customize the standby pfile/spfile settings before creation of the standby database. These settings will be saved in the template for easy recreation of the standby database.
  5. Dbvisit installation, upgrades and creation of standby databases can now be scripted to run in batchmode for simple and efficient deployment.
  6. Rsync transfer method. DBAs now have the ability to use Rsync as the data transportation mechanism on Linux and Unix, facilitating efficient restarts when there are network issues or large file transfers.
  7. Oracle database parameters for the standby database can now be customized and saved in the template.

  1. Dbvisit now recognises special characters @(ORACLE_SID) and ?(ORACLE_HOME) in database files names.
  2. Improved algorithm of parsing of SQL commands output to detect errors.

Dbvisit 5.3 is free to all customers who have current Dbvisit support and maintenance. A new license key will be required for Dbvisit 5.3. Existing Dbvisit 5.1 and 5.2 license keys are not valid. Please contact Dbvisit to obtain a new license key.
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